EU Referendum: Answers and Questions

There’s a lot of answers surrounding the EU referendum debate at the moment, it’s quite confusing trying to pick the correct one this is possibly because we’re trying to answer the wrong questions.
Instead of asking will I be better off leaving or remaining in the EU you can ask yourself another question. I’m going to vote to remain, how much guaranteed would convince me to vote leave £100 a year, £1000, £10,000? I’m going to vote to leave, how much guaranteed would convince me to vote to remain £100 a year, £1000, £10,000? In both cases it’s probably a lot, or at least a lot more than the numbers promoted in all the articles and videos floundering around the internet.
A similar argument can be made for other questions. Not democratic enough, how democratic would it have to be?
Too long to arrange new trade deals, how quick would it have to be, what if they were already in place?
Too many immigrants, what's the maximum number you'd be happy with?
The big question for June 23rd isn’t about money, how Europe is run, how we trade with Europe or about migration, it’s about identity. It’s about how we feel about Europe. Do you feel connected somehow to those other people who live across the water (or for some people across the border) , in spite of speaking different languages, eating different foods or listening to different music, or do you fear them because of those self same reasons?
So on June 23rd I'll be voting to remain because I do feel connected to the rest of Europe. This doesn’t mean I disagree with the economic or political arguments for remaining, because generally I do but I know quoting these at people who are vehemently in the leave camp won’t change their minds and generally those arguments aren’t why I’m voting to remain.
I'm lucky enough to have visited a number of different European countries, met different European people and experienced their different cultures. Many people in the UK may not have had this opportunity and as such may be more inclined to vote to leave as their exposure to Europe is different to mine.
The important thing about this referendum is that you must vote but do not vote out of fear or hate, do not vote because of greed, do not vote because of the situation now but vote for the future that inspires you.